Are Designer Handbags Cheaper in Hawaii? – The Answer and Why!

Hawaii receives millions of visitors every year. People from all over the world come to eat, hike, surf, and!

The state has been investing quite a few bucks to make Honolulu a premier shopping destination…by expanding malls or making small areas into shopping blocks. I am almost certain we have every major designer store located on Oahu by now.

As you may have guessed it, these fashion houses might be thinking “how are we going to sell to the locals and visitors?”. These brands are probably spending millions on rent just to have a store here, so they have to make profit. Hawaii is not the cheapest place to live and I’m sure the visitors aren’t too thrilled spending hundreds of dollars a night for a small hotel room.

But anyways, to answer the question…YES, designer handbags are cheaper here in Hawaii and here’s why.

A lot of fashion houses here in Hawaii offer 10-20% off regular price!!! Now I won’t say which brands exactly, but designers like Chanel and Hermes, however, don’t participate.

You could probably score that monogrammed tote for $100-$200 cheaper here or that Fur Loafer at an extra %15 off. Also, that leather moto jacket??? Yup you can get that for %20 cheaper on the beautiful island of Oahu. Bought two items at a great price at Saint Laurent at Ala Moana Shopping Center

Here’s why..With the many tourists that visit here, and the locals not being able to afford high priced designer labels, they tack on these discounts to attract customers and ensure a closed sale…and to be honest, it works. It makes sense too…our sales tax rate is at 4.712% so you’re not being cheated on any taxes as well. They’re making profit because the total amount being made from more purchases breaks even.

However, mid range brands like Marc Jacobs or Tory Burch don’t offer as much discounts. If you get the chance to visit an outlet or catch a full-line store with a small sale, then you might be in for some great deals as well.

So, if you’re feeling like you need a bit of vitamin sea, maybe purchasing a new handbag might be something to think of the next time you’re planning a Hawaiian vacay.

Have you ever been to Hawaii? Are there any other locations where designer items are cheaper? Let me know!