How to Make Your Perfume (or Cologne) Last All Day

You’d be surprised to see how much consumers spend on fragrance. Its like an invisible accessory that could make or break your fit.

But i’m sure we’ve experienced a few scents that only last 10 seconds on our skin. After all, most perfumes being near the $100 mark, you’d expect it to last quite a long time after each spritz. However, that is not always the case. I’m hoping these tips will not only help you find the perfect fragrance, but help the scent cling onto your body as long as it can!

Just because it’s expensive, does not mean it will last long. Sorry to break it to you, but just because you spent a lot on a fragrance does not mean it will last all day. But that doesn’t mean you should never buy perfume.

Do a test run!!! The next time you’re in Sephora or at a fragrance counter, go ahead and spritz a little of the perfume you’d like to buy, walk around the mall, and if the smell is still there after a few hours, I’d say go ahead buy it!

Take your work load into consideration. If you sweat or do a lot of physical work then maybe you should save that perfume or cologne for special occasions. Perfume wears when the body exudes heat. So if you’re doing strenuous work, just some good old deodorant would be fine.

Don’t store your perfume in hot or humid places (bathroom, near windows). Any heat will ruin the longevity of your perfume.

Pressure points! This is probably well known, however if you’re going to spray on your wrists, do not rub it together because you’ll ruin certain notes in the perfume thus depleting the throw of the perfume.

Spray it on your hair brush. But just a little. A cool tip is to spray once or twice onto your hair brush and brush your hair. Your hair will cling onto the scent.

Just because it lasts long on your friend, it may not last long on you. We all have different lifestyles and perfumes react differently on everyone. Make sure to go back and try the test run!

Please put on your lotion before spraying. Its important to moisturize before you actually spray. The lotion acts almost like a primer for your perfume. The moisture grabs onto the scent and holds on a lot longer than dry skin would.

Educate yourself on the different types of fragrances. Eau De Cologne, Eau De Toilette, and Eu De Parfum DO have a difference. Most times people ask “whats the difference between Toilette and Parfum?” I basically say that Toilettes are not as concentrated as Parfums. Parfums have more concentrated oils and have a longer throw, while Toilettes have fewer oils and provides a shorter throw.

Overall, I hope you take some of these tips the next time you’re on the market to purchase a new perfume or cologne. I personally enjoy perfumes and developed a collection of perfumes. Let me know if you’d like to see that on another post! Also feel free to comment any questions or concerns and I’d be happy to leave a reply!