What’s in my bag!?

Hi everyone! I love “what’s in my bag” posts and videos, so I decided to do one!! I hope you guys enjoy.

Bag I’m using? I’m currently using my newest bag purchase which is a YSL Shopper Tote in Black. Let me know if you’d like a review!

YSL wallet – Let me know if you would like a wallet review!

  • Has 8 card slots for debit and credit cards
  • I use the zip pouch for cash and coins.

YSL detachable pouch. It is smaller than a Neverfull pouch but still can fit a iPhone +. I don’t know why, but I don’t put anything in it. However, if I wanted to carry just some cash and my phone, it’d be very convenient!!

Burberry Pouch (detached from a Burberry Bag)

  • Chanel Perfume
  • Chanel Lip Balm
  • Fresh Eyedrops – because I work on two computers daily
  • Chanel Lotion – love this lotion! Scent stays on all day.
  • Frixon Erasable Pens – best pens ever. Comes in 0.5 & 0.7. They have cuter designs and other colors in Asia. They sell these at target, but the price is a lot higher vs. buying it from Asia.
  • Herschel Card Case- I store most of my loyalty cards and stamp cards and business cards.
  • Gum – for you stanky breath lol. You’d be surprised as to how much people ask for gum.
  • WetOnes & Advil – Stay clean and headache free!
  • Lens Wipes- I wear glasses. My mom never wanted me to get contact lenses, so my glasses have become a part of me and my style.

Herschel Pouch – Gifted from my sister for my Birthday. I use this as my tech pouch.

  • Bunch of iPhone cords.
  • Portable charger from Sony – this one is great. It charged my phone up to 5 full times in my experience.
  • Apple AirPods
  • Regular Apple Earphones

Fendi Key Holder. This was gifted from a friend during Christmas. It’s amazing quality! I bang, throw, and toss this thing around like crazy and it’s still in great condition.

Of course I cleaned my bag a little for a clean aesthetic for this post. But just like everyone else, I do have receipts, candy wrappers, coins, tissue, etc sitting in there haha!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! I always find it interesting to see what other people carry around with them. I feel like you get a sense of their personality. If you guys would like a review on any of the items just let me know!

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