Product of the Week! – New Series on Brevenchy

Aloha everyone!!! I’m launching a new series on my blog. Every Saturday, I’m going to be talking about a product. Now, these products may be something new, or maybe even something I already own but have been using recently. I really hope you guys like the idea and look forward to these posts every Saturday at 3PM HST.

So to begin this series, I’ve chosen this Tarte Eye Treatment which has Maracuja in it. It’s used for under and around the eye area. It claims to brighten the area instantly and help prevent signs of aging.

I’ve been trying this product out for the past two weeks now. I implement this product with my morning skin care routine. Let me know if you’d like a post about how I do my morning skincare routine!!

My initial thought before trying this out was that it was going to feel greasy on my skin just like any other eye cream. However, the cream goes on thin and it seems to almost dry on my skin in about 5 seconds. It does NOT feel greasy at all and that’s why I love it! Also, you can instantly feel a cool sensation which leads me to feel like the product is really brightening the area. I not only look more awake, but I feel more awake as well..placebo affect anyone?

It doesn’t come with any wands or sticks to use for application. You just use your finger. So just remember to be a lot more gentle when you do apply this product since the skin around your eyes are very delicate. If theres one downside to this product, it’d be that it doesn’t come with a wand. But that’s a small idiosyncrasy that can be looked over. When I apply it, I use my ring finger and I start from my under eyes and move it up towards my temples, and then, with whatever is left on my finger, I go ahead and swipe that over my eyelids really quick. Your ring finger is the weakest finger, thus the amount of pressure on the skin is lessened.

Also, I don’t use any foundation or concealer, but I do use a foundation powder. When I put my foundation powder over this product, it does not cake at all! Apparently, there’s light reflecting particles in the cream that’s supposed to fight off the look of dark circles, so that’s a major plus.

This might be a weird plus, but I loooove the smell of it as well. The fragrance does not affect me, however, I know some people are sensitive to fragrance in beauty products, so if you are sensitive and plan to purchase this product, make sure you do a spot test on your skin first.

In other words, if you’re on the market for a nice eye cream, I’d highly recommend this one. The price isn’t so bad either! Coming at $38 USD!!!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. And thank you again for joining me and hope you look forward to these posts on Saturdays. If you have any questions or concerns about the product, let me know in the reply area! Also, if you have any products you’d like to have me try, comment that too. Have a great weekend everyone!!!

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