How to Always Get What You Want

Happy Tuesday! I hope your week is going well so far. Today I’ll be talking about some ways I manifested the things/goals I’ve received/achieved in my life. I’m thankful & blessed for everything I have and the goals I’ve successfully achieved, but not everything came from just working hard…Now you might be thinking “Say whaaaat?!”. And it’s true! But let’s get some basics down.

I love this painting. I purchased it from Ross for only $4.99 and I feel like it represents how I manifest through illusion and manipulation..with a great sense of humor of course!

Be realistic with the things you wish for.

If you’re wishing for glitz, glamour, and having a mansion in Beverly Hills..go ahead, but don’t wish or hope for it to happen overnight. I’m not suppressing your ability to dream big, but all I’m saying is that if you expect too much with doing very little, you’ll end up disappointed most of the time. If you work on achieving something more attainable, you’ll see more positive outcomes which will motivate you to keep on going, plus it’ll push you to believe that you can get what you want over and over again.

Do NOT settle!

You have to know what you’re worth. Whether it be in a relationship or at the workplace, don’t settle for anything less than what you deserve. This may be a touchy topic, but I’m almost certain that if you settle for a lot of things lower than what you’re worth then you will feel miserable. And sometimes you might even think “but I don’t know what I want?”…and that’s fine, but if you think deep down really deep and listen to your inner voice, I’m sure you’ll find a clearer picture.

Tell yourself that you “can” and you “will”.

Things are usually easier said than done. But I guarantee you that if you constantly tell yourself that you “can” or that you “will” then it will happen. Give yourself that extra boost everyday and watch yourself grow. Make sure you’re always proving things to yourself..not to other people. You don’t have to impress nobody but yourself.

Never loose your youth. Youth is what makes us curious and experiment new things.

Karma is a thing, but sometimes it takes too long.

Good karma to be exact. I always hear people saying that karma is a true thing and that it will happen. However, I also believe that you shouldn’t wait for things to happen. You are in charge of your life and majority of what happens to you is dependent on the decisions you make every single day. I say, make sh*t happen instead of waiting for it to happen. You’re never promised a tomorrow, so don’t put off what you can do tomorrow for what you can do for yourself today.

Manipulation & Illusion.

You have to study people and learn them. I’m not 100% sure how to explain this. If you know your uncle is in a good mood because he’s drinking, and you realized today is pay day, I say take a chance and ask him for $10! I know this seems bad, but at least you asked, not stole ;). But please be careful with this…things are meant to be used, not people. I don’t want you hurting relationships because you take advantage of this special skill. Learning how people act during certain moods, days, events, around people, etc could be beneficial for you because you know how to handle certain situations with them. And if you learn how to carefully tailor everything and everyone around you, you just might be able to have things go your way.

Have a goal and have very specific ways on how you’ll achieve it.

Say you want a new handbag. It costs $2,000. So what’re you going to do? When is the exact date or even week you’ll purchase it? Where will you purchase it? How can you get extra money from resources that are around you? Or how can you get help at all? Having an end goal gives you a clearer picture..but just like capturing an image, you need tools and resources to get that perfect shot.

I’ve always dreamt of taking a picture here. I also only paid $12 for my flight to Seattle due to having earned flight miles!!

Become obsessed.

Wrap your mind around the item/goal and think about it every single day until you get it. Make mental notes when you complete certain tasks towards that item/goal. Imaging yourself and how you’ll be or how you’ll feel when you’re there. Mentally picture you driving that car, carrying that handbag, or living in that house and completely immerse yourself in those thoughts. Pretend you’re already there. I feel like the more you think about it, you become it. And even if you’d like, I say go ahead and “fake it till you make it”.

Finally, just ask.

Sounds simple right? You’ll be surprised as to how difficult it is for some people to simply ask. You think you might sound spoiled, or you might come off as demanding. But honestly, who cares. You have to understand that if you don’t ask, then you won’t know. And wouldn’t you rather want to know than not know? One time, I was in a Louis Vuitton Store and I was so afraid to ask if I could have a bag that was specifically made in Paris. But I know I wouldn’t feel as happy with a bag made in the USA or Spain. I wasn’t about to waste hundreds of dollars on something I wasn’t 100% orgasmic about. So I studied my sales associates’ vibes, and just asked her…and she smiled at me, walked through the door, came back out, and brought out a Speedy made in Paris. And I kid you not, I felt like I almost wet my pants. It was an amazing experience. But the moral of that is, a simple question can totally change the experience, thus manifesting the outcome for a lifetime.

And this my folks is how I have established many of the things and outcomes of the life I live today. Of course, some things are out of your control, but whatever you can control, take advantage. Good luck!!

If you have any questions or concerns please leave them in the reply area! I’d be happy to respond back. And as always, thanks for joining me!

4 thoughts on “How to Always Get What You Want

  1. Love this, very inspirational Brian! The bit about getting your Speedy was hilarious! πŸŒ™βœ¨πŸ’–

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