Top 5 Brands + New Series on Brevenchy!

Happy Hump Day!!! Welcome to today’s blog post where I’ll be talking about my Top 5 brands. But before we get started, I wanted to introduce yet another series on my blog that will be happening on every 25th day of the month! Every 25th days of the month, I’ll be talking about my “Top 5 _____”!!! Usually the only day I don’t post is on Sundays, but if the 25th falls on a Sunday then I’ll go ahead and post and take another day off in the week. Hope you guys enjoy! And if you have any “top 5…” ideas, please leave your suggestions in the comment area! I appreciate it.

So to begin, I’ve consolidated my very long list of favorite brands down to my top 5. These are brands that I always gravitate to, whether it’s because of their products or their service & convenience. These brands are equally awesome in my eyes and they are listed in no particular order.

1. Louis Vuitton

The fashion house is iconic. I love this brand mainly because of the quality of their products. Both their canvas and their leather products are truly amazing. You could literally throw a Speedy into a raging river and retrieve it looking brand new. Also the price points are very fair compared to other brands. Their re-sale value remains constant in the consignment industry, and their designs are timeless and noticed from all around the world. In my experience their customer service varies. It’s really a hit or miss. I had to go through 3 different associates before I found one that vibes well with me. Not to say that the past 3 associates were terrible, but some were just too pushy, and the other just didn’t seem 100% confident in the products they were pitching to me.

2. Lacoste

If you’re ever on the market for great basics, Lacoste has amazing quality t-shirts and polos. The color does not fade at all! I constantly use Lacoste T-shirts and I’m up to 5 that I now own. The fit is perfect on me, and it’s classic. The small alligator is known everywhere. Though, you won’t find everyone and their moms wearing the same shirt everywhere. What’s even more great, is that the full line stores here in Hawaii offer sales! They are a sports brand so the quality is breathable and soft. Their customer service is superb and I’ve never had a bad experience in the store or online. I feel like this brand is sometimes overlooked because people think it’s just a sports brand, or that only old retired people wear this brand..but I honestly think that if people gave them a shot, they’d probably end up with some awesome basics that’ll last a very long time.

3. VANSI don’t usually wear high luxury brand shoes. I always opt for Vans because they last a very long time. Some shoes are a bit narrow when you first use it, giving me cuts and blisters, but once you break them in, they become the most amazing comfortable shoes ever. I always bring them on trips because I know I can walk miles in them. They also vary in different designs and variations of their classic styles. I love the idea of brands making different styles of their classic pieces. Vans has stuck to their aesthetics since they started the brand, which makes them very respectable. The cost of their products are great, especially when you take into consideration on how long they last. There’s many locations and they’re also available in staple department stores or small boutique shops. Their customer service varies..I notice better service in the full line stores vs. outlet stores.

4. Zara

I’ve given up on most fast fashion chains because their clothes are just a bit too trendy. However, Zara keeps classic pieces but still incorporate trends beautifully. I buy all of my pants and denim from Zara. They are nicely made and are under $50 price points. I love their aesthetic and how their store layouts are very clean. They are also very well stocked whenever I walk into a Zara store and that just makes my shopping experience more comfortable. Of course, I can agree that some prices are still kind of high for a fast fashion house, but their quality is a lot better so you get what you pay for most of the time. Their customer service is not something to brag about, but I do get the “how are you doing?” or “can I get a fitting room started?” questions offered to me whenever I’m in there. And that’s a fair game.


I think Gucci offers fair prices for their products. There’s wonderful items under the $1,000 mark. Their iconic GG Supreme print is known to everyone as well. I notice they also set a lot of their own trends in which a lot of fast fashion houses follow making them a great leader in the fashion world. Their customer service is beyond my expectations. My SA always sends me birthday cards, emails me on promotions, and keeps in touch with me at least once a month. Not to mention when I’m in the store and my SA is not available, the rest of the associates try to touch each customer including me. I appreciate all of their products. From their clothes, perfume, jewelry, and of course their handbags and SLGs. They have great history and I love their store layouts. Their brand fits my aesthetic amazingly and I couldn’t ask for a more perfect pairing.

There’s a lot more brands I go on to talk about. But these 5 brands suffice to the top on my list. They have all done a great job keeping me as a loyal customer.

So what brands are your favorite? Which brands do you always gravitate to? I’d love to know! I look forward to starting this new series on my blog and I’m excited to share my thoughts. And as always, thanks for joining me.

2 thoughts on “Top 5 Brands + New Series on Brevenchy!

  1. Yassss! Thanks! They’re actually finally opening a Uniqlo here in Hawaii!! Looks like it’s going to be a small store compared to other but it’s better than nothing! Haha

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