Why you Shouldn’t Give A đź’© About Your Designer Handbag

It’s Friday!!! Hello everyone, thanks for joining me. On today’s post, I’m going to be talking about how to care for your handbag….and how to not care for your handbag. You may be confused, but I’ll clarify haha.

Too many times I see individuals purchase their first or even 10th designer handbag, and they baby it like it’s an actual, well, baby! It amazes me. They go above and beyond to make sure it remains in perfect condition. I guess it’s a pet peeve of mine, but I’m going to share some debatable issues to express my concern on how babying your bag is actually affecting you or your handbag.

When you purchase a nice bag, you spend your hard earned money on it. It’s completely understandable to have some fears when you just dropped hundreds of dollars on a materialistic item. But, what you should remember is that you’re not only paying for the brand, your paying for the craftsmanship and work that went into creating that handbag. Designer handbags are made with high quality resources so you shouldn’t have to worry when using them.

I’m not implying that you should abuse your bag. However, guarding it 24/7 can get really annoying. Making sure it doesn’t scratch the wall, getting it wet, or that it doesn’t touch the ground. Its just excessive work that you’re wasting your time on. A handbag is a tangible item with no feelings, it should be you wearing the handbag, not the handbag wearing you.

I’ve seen people keep the plastic on the hardware on, and clean it almost everyday right after using it. I don’t know about you, but keeping the plastic on pulls the true beauty away from the bag and makes it look tacky. Hardware on a bag is meant for something, which could either be to give the bag structure, add functionality, or even design. Just like the bag itself, the hardware is meant to be used as well. And if you excessively clean your handbag, you might be ruining the leather. Some leather cleaners have dyes or even fragrances in the cleaner. It’s not bad to clean your bag maybe once every week, but if you’re constantly feeling the need to do so each time you use your bag, stop yourself so you don’t ruin the leather!

I also recommend to get the use out of your bag. And you won’t get the full affect from your bag if you leave it sitting on your shelf. I highly encourage you to explore the bag, look at what the bag has to offer. Like how much compartments is in there, what those little rings are for and how you can effectively use it. Know the functionality of the bag so you can use it to it’s full extent. If you’re constantly afraid of getting it dirty or stretching out the compartments, you won’t feel it…and that’s money that could’ve been spent somewhere else.

Humility. Be humble please! If you plan to show off your bag, then don’t be hesitant if someone wants to touch it. Don’t flaunt your item and then reject people from touching it or snob if someone is staring at you. Humans are natural observers, so there’s no need to rub anything in people’s noses. We can see your item and we notice it. You’ll look a lot more classy and be respected when you look confident. And trust me, it’s not hard for people to distinguish the difference between confidence and cockiness. Also, please don’t keep on talking about your item. Let the handbag speak for itself, and your presence will flourish without any words.

So the next time decide to buy a beautiful designer handbag, be proud! But don’t make the bag revolve around you. I feel like handbags are art, but not the kind of art that should be plastered on a wall..or in your closet lol.

I hope you guys found this post interesting and as always thanks for joining me today. If you have any questions or comments go ahead and leave them below! I’d enjoy to hear it and stir up a convo.

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