Product of the Week! -Saturday Series + GIVEAWAY! ***CLOSED***

It’s Saturday!!! How’s everyone’s weekend going? It’s really cloudy and rainy here on the islands of Hawaii. But I’m coming at you with my product of the Week! I introduced this series last week Saturday and it was a great hit! Also, I have a giveaway!!! Read until the end to see how you can qualify and when the winner will be chosen!

I’m actually reviewing 2 items! Both will be in the Giveaway. I’m so excited to share these items because I’ve actually been using these products for more than 2 weeks and I absolutely love them.

1.May Coop Raw Sauce

Its practically a toner, but I like to refer to it as a all-in-one solution. It’s made with mostly maple water. Their maple water comes from the sap of a maple tree! It also has many extracts from fruits and herbs. I prefer to use this when I go to bed because it’s a thicker solution. But, just because it’s thicker, doesn’t mean it’s sticky. It goes on smooth and dries very very fast. It’s not sticky at all, and the makers even swear that it’s a non-sticky product. Also, don’t get me started on the smell. This smells fantastic and I always rave about it. It has fruits and herbs so it creates this wonderful original smell that’s hard to explain. It’s pleasant but not overly strong. I always look forward to the smell when I use it haha. I noticed after using this a lot of my scarring from past acne has cleared and it give me this softer look. It also has helped me on my overall complexion, making me look more even. If you like to purchase a 40ML bottle to give it a try, it cost about $11 here

Shiseido Facial Cotton Pads

You’re probably thinking, aren’t all cotton pads the same? Well these are special because it’s made so that your skin absorbs whatever product you’re using really well. It’s made with 100% cotton meaning there’s no added chemicals, like extra dye many other cotton brands may use in their pads. I guarantee that you’ll see a difference. More product will be on your skin than on the pad. It’s super soft so it glides over your skin without clumping up little cotton balls all over your face. It’s $10 here and you get 165 pads. What a great deal right?! If you’re on the market or just want to add a little luxury to your facial regimen then I highly recommends his product.


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  • Leave ANY comment below this post with your first name and last initial (ex: Brian M). Let me know what other toners you might use or just a simple “hello” will do!
  • And finally you must like this post.
  • Any negligent comments won’t be approved and it will be taken down immediately, thus removing you from the contest.
  • Lastly have fun! This contest is out from my own pocket, so I want this to be a fun way to interact with all of you.
  • Winner will receive 1 May Coop Raw Sauce 40ML bottle and 1 Shiseido 165 pack Cotton pads!!!!!!!!!!!

**Last day to enter is May 12. Winner will be chosen at a random draw and will be announced on May 14 on my blog!

** Contest is open to anyone and everyone.

**Winner will receive an email and you must reply within 48HRS or a new winner will be chosen.

And as always, thank you so much for joining me. I hope you found this post informative and helpful. If you have any questions or comments, leave them down below and I’ll get back to you!

7 thoughts on “Product of the Week! -Saturday Series + GIVEAWAY! ***CLOSED***

  1. Thanks for sharing this! That toner looks interesting. My favorite right now is the AHA/BHA toner from COSRX, but I’ve been thinking of trying one from Clarins.
    -Sarah T.

  2. Hi Brian!
    I wonder how the toner on my face cus i have sensitive and oily skin. So, I usually use water based product. But I heard many people say that Shiseido is such an amazing product. Hope im lucky 🙂

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