Wearing All Black. What you Should Know

If you take a look at my closet, chances are that you’ll see my wardrobe consists of 90% black clothes. I do get some comments and I’ve heard statements regarding people who wear all black…with some being good and some negative responses. But I’m coming to you with reasons why wearing all black does not compromise your personal style. And maybe some how to’s when opting for all black or dark colored outfits.

There’s people all around the world that wear black and posses impeccable style. Style is all about you and becomes a part of you. I want to start by saying that you are in charge of your own style and people become aware of that.

Wearing black makes you feel comfortable. What you put on should make you feel comfortable and confident. And if wearing dark colors does that for you, then let it be your shield and armor of choice. If wearing black head to toe helps you boost your confidence and then I say go ahead do so.

Black is easy. Dark hues makes it easier to pair with other things and saves a lot of time and over analyzation when picking your outfits. It also helps when you’re shopping. Black isn’t just easy, it’s also classic. I personally think, a black Chanel bag is a lot more classic than a light green Chanel Jumbo…but that your choice to make haha.

-Collarless Blazer – H&M

-Chinos – Zara

-Clutch – Givenchy

-T-Shirt – Michael Kors

-Shoes – Vans

Have you ever heard the saying that “black makes you look skinnier.”?

I’m wishywashy with that quote. It really depends. I think that if you’re going to wear all black, you should take the fit of the items very seriously. If you just have a lot of fabric on you that doesn’t fit you properly, you might look like you’re drowning in the clothes, thus giving you a bigger illusion. But if you’re going for a more comfortable or loose look, make it be known but don’t go overboard because you’ll fall into the same situation.

Take care of your black clothes. If you do opt for dark colors or an all black outfit, make sure the colors don’t fade. Faded blacks ruins the quality of the item. I don’t want you looking cheap because all of your clothes are faded. Look sharp, clean, and put together by following the proper washing instructions on the garments.

Use accessories! Since you’ll be a blank canvas, take advantage by using accessories to make your outfit look on point. You’re already wearing one color, so the style or the colors of the jewelry you can use is endless.

Finally, vary the fabrics you choose. Play with the fabrics you choose especially if it’s one color like black. Have different textures and fabrics adds dimension to the outfit, which is what you want when opting for an all black outfit. If you wear 3 layers of cotton, like I said before, you might look like you’ll be drowning in a sea of black waves.

I feel that wearing black give me confidence. I do feel slimmer but it’s just really easy for me. If I wanted to, I could throw on a colorful bag, or some gold jewelry easily. I feel more classic and taken more seriously. It became a major part of my style..to a point where mostly everyone would assume I’d be rolling into a party wearing black 🙂 I always say, do you and don’t allow anyone judgement to mess with you.

And as always, thanks joining me today! If you have any questions or comments, leave them down below! Also don’t forget about my giveaway contest I’m hosting here!!!!

4 thoughts on “Wearing All Black. What you Should Know

  1. What detergent do you use when you’re washing your clothes? I own a black American Apparel crop top and it seems faded. I don’t want to let it go because the stitching is in good condition.

  2. I use Gain but I think it depends how you wash it. When I washed my blacks in large loads, that’s when I noticed it faded faster. When I did it in smaller loads, it helped a lot. Also I said my black heavy items in water a day before so they stay on the bottom when it’s washing.

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