How Motivational Quotes Could Actually be Hurting You.

Hello everyone! We’ve made it halfway through the week! I hope your May is going well so far. Today, I’m coming at you with a post thats a little outside of the box. If you’re reading the title with a blank face and a little irate feeling, please continue to read.

Motivational quotes wouldn’t have been known if it weren’t for famous people and demigods. And whose to say that these people have actually said these things? I want to see a video or a writing from these actual people. What i’m trying to get at is that, if we heard some random mother on the side of a busy street in New York say something like “Oh my child, but you are who you are”…do you really think that it would be plastered an everyones Instagram??? I don’t think so. But if I lied, and said that Oprah said that phrase, we would be quoting the crap out of her.

We can blame social media and the internet for the widespread infestation of motivational quotes. Quotes have been so over-rated that we even quote sounds like Brentman Rocks’ “ehh hueeeee” when he laughs. Why? Because he’s famous of course. Look at what we’ve come to!

Motivational quotes sound great when you hear them, and even look better when you read it on a portrait of a sunset. Then right after you read it, you relate it to some sort of situation you’re going through. 10 minutes later, you forget about it. Why? Because motivational quotes fill voids temporarily. Just like alcohol and narcotics, you feel great for one second and then you’re back to square one. I mean motivational quotes were made to motivate you right? But the reason why it could be hurting you in the long run is because you are ignoring the true factors behind your situation. You use these quotes to block you from digging into your soul and finding out the root to your problem or issue. You think that “hey, that quote is right..” but what you’re actually telling yourself is that “that quote sounds better than the actually reason behind everything so this will do”. You’re lying to yourself. If you know you messed up, don’t manipulate the situation with a quote that says something like “everything will be okay”…cuz it won’t. You have to listen to your inner voice and follow it.

Also, what I’ve been seeing lately is that people use quotes indirectly. Like indirect tweeting, people would post quotes thats clearly meant towards someone. You know, you get two girls fighting on Instagram and one person posts a caption saying “I do me, you do you” and the other posts something like “If I cut you off, chances are you handed me the scissors”…its an issue thats obviously awaiting confrontation. You’re actually wasting time and just adding fuel to the fire when you do this. Instead of these indirect posts, why not just sit down and talk?

Now, I’m not saying that you should never read quotes ever again, but what i’m saying is that quotes were made to clarify points…not answer your life questions. Instead of using quotes to motivate you out of a situation, use them to dig into your problems or issues so you can solve them effectively and keep them solved.

And as always, thank you for joining me! I really appreciate all of you who enjoy reading my posts. Let me know if you have any questions or concerns! Also, I’d love to hear what you think about this post. Thank You so much!

5 thoughts on “How Motivational Quotes Could Actually be Hurting You.

  1. Wow I guess I never put too much thought into why people post quotes. You’re right though, most of the time people post a quote when there is something going on in their life and they need it to fill a void. I also agree, how do we know who really said them?! Thanks for sharing, loved reading this!

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