Tips on Shopping & Prepping for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. And whether you’re planning a night out or having trouble figuring what to get for your #1 woman in your life, I hope this post will help you ease your mind just a little bit.

Go to dinner the day before or day after. Mother’s Day falls on a Sunday. Not only are people usually already off on Sundays, but it’s a small holiday that gives people the reason to eat out. Restaurants are guaranteed to be packed the day of so I recommend this tip. You’ll find that the vibes will be less annoying and more intimate.

Buy luxury without breaking the bank. You’ll be surprised to see what you can get your mom from Chanel for less than $100. You can get her a lotion for around $50 and even a matching bar of soap for another $30. Then have your SA package it beautifully to ensure luxurious presentation when handing it over to your mother!

Make sure to buy flowers and balloons the day or couple days before. If you walk into a wal-mart right now, you’ll see a bunch of Mother’s Day balloons, cards, and candy. Don’t hesitate to buy now because you think there will still be product available closer to the date. Buying early gives you the best selection and variety! Balloons and flowers should be purchased closer to the date for obvious reasons.

But I’d stray from waiting the day of…flower shops are extremely busy and you’ll probably get a skimp on quality if they deliver the day of. Their trucks are full of flowers, meaning it’s warmer and all the flowers are rubbing up on each other. Keep in mind that they’re running around everywhere so who knows how fresh your flowers actually are when it gets to your door.

Figure out your mom’s insecurities. I know this sounds weird. But, think about what your mom always wanted, or what she loves but never has the time to get her hands on or do. Does she complain about her feet hurting? Is she insecure about her hair getting thin? These are probing questions you can you answer yourself if you study your mom right…making it easier to find out what exactly you should get your mom for her special day.

And as always, thank you for joining me today! I hope you found this post useful. Let me know what you’ll be getting your mom for mother’s day in the reply section below!!

9 thoughts on “Tips on Shopping & Prepping for Mother’s Day

  1. You and your mom look so cute! The last picture is my favorite! Matching outfits! 💖

  2. Beginning a few years ago, I learned how very wonderful Mother’s Day could be when we skipped any attempt at a restaurant and everyone just cooked for me instead. Ahh! So relaxing!

  3. Haha yes!!! That sounds even more relaxing for Mom. Maybe that’s something to consider this year. Thanks for sharing!

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