My Style : How I Dress

Hello everyone! So over this past Mother’s Day Weekend, me and my friend decided to do a photo shoot to showcase my personal style.

I feel like my style is fairly simple. I wear a lot of blacks, navy, and grays. And I like to throw in my pop of color through my handbags and accessories. I like to feel comfortable but I don’t compromise fit. I like structure and making sure my height doesn’t get depleted.

I invest on classic pieces and basics. I love Lacoste t shirts and designer shirts as well. I mostly get my bottoms from H&M or Zara. And as far as shoes, my go to’s are Vans. I feel like they go with any outfit.

I wear little accessories, but if I do decide to wear a necklace or bracelet, I use investment pieces. However, I developed this horrible habit of wearing my watch on the arm I write with, so I don’t invest in expensive watches because they will damage easily.

Anyways, these are a few shots of me in outfits that I would choose to wear almost every day. Hope you enjoy!

Collar-less Blazer : H&M

Shoes : Clark’s America

Bag : GUCCI Boston Bag

T-Shirt : Lacoste

Bottom : H&M

Shoes : Vans

Sunnies : Brooks Brothers

Watch : Emporio Armani

Bag : Goyard St.Louis Tote

T-Shirt : Boy London

These outfits basically express my everyday style. It’s my classic self.

As always, I hope you enjoyed this post! I really had a great time creating this content for you. If you would like to see more, like this post up! And leave your comments down below. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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