Chinese Billionaires’ Son

I always been so fascinated by the rich lifestyles of Chinese families. I’ve studied how they act, dress, and carry themselves. It’s like they’re in their own world 24/7. With so much money, they have access to a lot that the world has to offer. They have the most expensive bags and spend thousands just to look good. It’s not that I want to be them exactly, but they inspire me visually.

So with that being said, I strive to pull off a look that interprets what I think a Chinese billionaires’ son would look like. It’s hilarious actually. But I hope you like these pictures and hope you can grasp what I’m referring to.

They tend to be very independent. I don’t know how true that statement is because they might be living off their parents money..but I love how they don’t wait for others to do what they want. BAG : GUCCI





I hope you guys liked this outfit post! And as always, thank you for joining me today. Have you ever heard of this term “Chinese Billionaires Daughter or Son”??? Haha, Id love to hear your thoughts..think Dorothy Wang.

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