What Inspires Me

Hey everyone! I wanted to do a post that’s a little bit more about me. I hope you guys enjoy this post so you can see who I truly am. Today I’ll be talking about what inspires my style.

I’m a very observant person. I don’t judge a lot but I love to look at peoples style and what they’re wearing. It beautiful seeing how people live their life and how they act. I’ll be using a few examples of people I’ve seen and how they’re aura affected me.

A mother in Japan

When I went to a huge toy store in Tokyo, Japan..I noticed a mother who was scrambling because she thought she lost her child. She was wearing a great pair of jeans, a white top, and a beautiful long cardigan. She was accessorized with a Chanel bag and had her hair tied up in a messy bun. She has a beautiful gold watch that accented the hardware on her bag. And when she found her child, she cried and dropped her purse and took off her cardigan. I thought her effortless style and motherly instincts vibe so well together and she looked like the epitome of a “beautiful mess”. Now because of this, this inspired me to achieve that “beautiful mess” look…looking effortless with beautiful clothing and items.

Korean Street-style

I visited Korea last year and I noticed a lot of counterfeit clothing. A lot of famous street wear / hype beast brands like Supreme and Bape were being copied by small businesses trying to make a quick buck. Surprisingly a lot of the young crowds utilize these small shops because the real thing is too expensive. I just loved how they looked and captured the ideal look the actual brand is trying to portray using counterfeit items. I’m not 100% for fakes, but it amazed me on how people have a sharp eye to look authentic using fake items. It’s inspiring because they say you need money to have good style, but it’s not completely true.

My mother

My Grandma was a dressmaker in the Philippines. And she passed on her skills to my mom. I believe that my mom developed amazing style from her moms teachings. And now, I’ve been affected my her teachings. My mother has amazing style (when she’s not in her work scrubs). She tends to wear fast fashion clothing with designer handbags…which is exactly what I do now. She also has a obsession with bracelets, and bracelets that have meanings. I love how she wears whatever she wants but still looks pulled together and classic…something I strive to do every day when I get dressed.

There’s also places and things that give me inspiration..and even music of course. But these are the main things that have stuck out to me. I’m not too sure why, but it just does.

So, where do you get your fashion/style inspiration from? I’d love to know.

And as always, thanks for joining me. I’d love to hear your feedback. You can grasp inspo from always anywhere and anyone, but I would love to know where you gets your from. Leave your replies down below!

6 thoughts on “What Inspires Me

  1. I actually wanted to do a similar post like this because of watching too many Bigbang videos. Every time I watch their concerts or music videos on Youtube, I always feel inspired to be creative! Haha funny thing.

  2. Really cool post! I’d never thought about it but observing people is definitely one of my inspirations too!

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