Louis Vuitton Shoe Unboxing

Hello everyone! If you didn’t know yet, I also started a YouTube Channel. I recently posted a video where I do small haul and showcase my first ever pair of designer shoes.

I’ve never thought about purchasing designer shoes. I always thought that for something that will be on the floor, I shouldn’t pay a lot of money for. However, when I seen these shoes at Louis Vuitton in Mother’s Day weekend, I had to get them.

I think that they’re super cute and fits my style well. Who knows!? Maybe this is a start of a new collection haha. The sneakers I purchased were $640 here in Hawaii. And they are called the “Match Up” sneaker in the Monogram print in the Eclipse color. I love the Monogram print, and now that they have a black/gray color, I’m totally obsessed.

Please watch it here and if you do have a YouTube account, I hope I’m worthy of your subscriptions, comments, and likes 😀

Also, please let me know what other videos you’d like me to create. YouTube is a great platform for me to showcase my true personality and I hope it helps you get to know more about me.

My goal to post one video a week for now.

And as always, thank you for joining me! Please follow my other social media platforms as well!!

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4 thoughts on “Louis Vuitton Shoe Unboxing

  1. Something that is going to be in the floor and every time you look down it will be a nice reminder for you to keep going! Totally worth it!

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