Why I Didn’t Go to College

With a lot of graduations going on right now, it reminded me of when I went to an actual college campus and took classes…for only a month that is.

Growing up, I was fairly intelligent. I didn’t find school to be hard not too easy. I saw it as a tool. I got good grades, made honors lists, and almost even graduated high school a year early. Everyone thought that I would end up going to college with no hassle. However, that changed, and here’s what happened.

I was working in retail the last few months of high school. Then after graduation, I went straight to community college to study fashion. Then after a a month or two, I left. The main reason why is because my retail job at the time offered me a managerial position that required open availability.

I was already dreading going to class everyday, but I really loved going to work! And I was not about to pass up a great opportunity. So I dropped out of school and took the position! And I kid you not, that was one of the best decisions I ever made in my life. The experience and exposure I got was wayyyy better than at $30,000 piece of paper. I guess I was lucky enough to fall in the experience > a degree position.

Personally, I always go with my gut feeling and follow what I want in the moment. That choice I made back in 2015 was a huge gamble, but it really paid off. I knew that school wasn’t for me, but I still wanted to continue learning. So I took online classes for professional styling, and even got a diploma for Retail Management.

I’m the type of person who just can’t stick to one thing…I constantly have to keep learning. I enjoy learning through experience.

College isn’t for everyone, and you shouldn’t feel forced to go to college. Learn how you want to learn and grow in your own speed.

And as always, thanks for joining me! I hope you found this read interesting. I’d love to know if you did or didn’t go to college and how was your experience? Leave your replies down below!

5 thoughts on “Why I Didn’t Go to College

  1. I didn’t, I had plans too but eventually did some other study that didn’t cost a fortune and led to different job opportunities 😊

  2. I completely agree with you! I eventually got my degree, but I chose it differently. I got a degree in a field I could always “return to” if I needed a fall back plan. 🙂

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