Another Night Out- A Short Style Story

It’s a Friday night. Your friends want to go out. Drinks, drugs, and hidden intentions.

The mist from the shower fills your bathroom air as you clean yourself only to get filthy.

You wear your best makeup, you feel hot. Everything goes well. Makeup on point, and hair is did.

In the midst, you think to yourself, “I just want to celebrate”. Have a good time with your friends..laugh, chatter, spill.

You’re in the zone, friends are waiting outside, you sling your designer bag across your shoulder, spray perfume, smack on your lipstick…then you take one final good look at yourself in the mirror.

Turn off the lights, lock the door, and run to the car as you put on your watch your ex-boyfriend gave to you.

The car perfumed by insecurities. You join in anyways so you don’t kill the mood. Someone smells like roses, the other smells like musk.

A club full of mixed emotions making money from your deep thoughts. Alcohol, drugs, and loud music burry lies in a dark, air conditioned room. Yet you look fabulous…so marvelous.

That one look in the mirror, you think it’s all ok. You’re all set huh? You’re on fire, you got friends, and one Friday night.

You get home, go to bed, laying on your comfortable bed. Do you know what’s comfort? You turn around, see a person you don’t even know. Your Loubitons thrown on the floor. Shoes you’ve worked so hard for…scattered, left unnoticed, worn out from the night…yet so beautiful, deserved to be treated better, used but not abused. It’s Saturday morning.

I enjoy writing. I don’t know exactly what my style is. It’s kind of dark, but there’s a lot of hidden meanings. If you get, you get it..if not, then make it mean something else! Writing is like art, and you should perceive it however you’d like.

As always, thank you for joining me! I hope you enjoyed this! It’s new, unexpected. Let me know what you think!

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