Short Style Story : Too Much Volume

Our brains are the volume control for our words spoken.

And no matter how far right you turn the switch, your true tone will always remain.

Just like a party, dazzled in jewels, deafened by the bass of the music…you can still hear the sad cries for help lingering in the air.

With every scream, every laugh, and every word spoken…an underlying voice mellows underneath it.

It’s easier to hum, than to know the words exact. Because the beat is easier to understand…

Jaded by thoughts that flow through our red stained Jenner lips…only the heart knows the real and unspoken.

The lips…something we cherish so much. Idolized, caressed, injected. But it’s also the exit for lies and curses.

Your heart is underneath your brain. Don’t leave another thing, so valuable, left buried…down below.

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