Pieces I Bought but Never Used

I’m sure we are all guilty of making purchases that we forced ourselves to like. Standing there, in the store, debating whether or not to spend your hard earned money on something that looks amazing at that moment.

Sometimes it’s hard to distinguish what you like vs. what will actually workout in your wardrobe. You think that a jacket looks beautiful in the store, but you second guess it because it’s a little off your personal style, though you force yourself to believe you can pull it off and end up purchasing it in hopes you can make it work. You get home, try to use it and you take a good look in the mirror, and then BOOM…the feeling is lost!

Today, I’ll be sharing a few items I’ve purchased but never used. I still keep it to this day, stuck with the jaded thought that I will somehow be able to pull the perfect look together.

1. RAINS coat – Vancouver,BC

When I first seen this coat, it came in a variety of colors. I usually opt for black but the white just stuck out to me. I wanted to be “different”. The fit is amazing and it’s made with fantastic material. I bought it from a shop in Vancouver for pretty hefty price. And once I brought it home, I realized that it looks like a Lab Coat. For some odd reason, I can’t get that thought out of my head, stopping me from using it. Also, it does not rain a lot here in Hawaii, so I hardly have a reason to use it. Hopefully I get the chance to bring it with me the next time I go on a trip where the weather calls for a beautiful rain coat just like this one.

2. OAK + FORT Blazer. Toronto, Canada

There was a beautiful shop in Toronto that had very elegant and simple pieces. I saw this blazer and thought it was super dope. It’s hard to find collarless blazers for men and when I saw this, I thought I had to get it. However, upon trying it on back at home, the fit is a little bit weird on me and the material is very itchy. I also get very hot in this blazer. I paid a high price on it too, which makes me sad that I don’t love it like when I seen it at the store. I guess the lighting and the sales person really did a good job at the store.

3. Chanel Bar Soap. Birthday Gift

This isn’t a item that you can wear, but this also isn’t a item that should should just sit on your table. My friend gave me this for my birthday and I was so excited to try it! Though, it’s beautiful item that I would only use for special occasions. But special occasions don’t come into my life a lot haha. So I always debated whether I should start to use it. I don’t want to start using it and stop for a long period until my next special occasion. I’d fear that it would dry up or that the smell for deplete for not using for an x amount of time.

I’m sure I’ll find a day or event to use these items. But until now, they are sitting pretty in my closet begging to be used.

I’m sure we all have a few items or pieces that we haven’t used. I’d love to hear what some of your items are! Leave your comments down below.

As always, thank you for joining me! I hope you found this post interesting. I’ve been very busy with work and taking care of some family business, so I’ll start posting daily after I get everything situated. Happy Tuesday!!!

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