My First Tattoo : Before and After

Hey everyone! So, I finally got my first tattoo yesterday!! I’ve been debating for years on wether or not I should get one or not. It’s not that I’m afraid of commitment, it just I that I don’t want to get something permanent and get bored of it. I tend to get bored of things easily, so I was afraid that because of that trait, I would get bored of any tattoo that I would get. And with that mindset, I pushed off the idea of getting inked for long time.

I always appreciated the look of a tat, and wondered what made a person want to get a picture or a word permanently on them.

I found this word “Tacenda” in a book in high school. I searched the word on Tumblr to see if there’s any posts about it, and there was! I thought it was a beautiful word. It basically means that “things are better left unsaid/unspoken”. With a lot of the events that I’ve experienced in my life, this word has always popped up in my head and ends up resonating with me. So I’m super happy that I decided to express that word through a tattoo.

Here are some pictures!

I got it in the Old English font. My tattoo artist was amazing and had good vibes. The feeling wasn’t too bad…it was more annoying vs. painful. I see how people can get addicted to it too…as I’m already looking forward to my next one.

Before I got my tattoo, I was really nervous and anxious, but after getting one, I realized how interesting the process is and how exhilarating it can be. It’s a great way to express yourself.

As always, thank you for joining me! I’m so excited to share this experience with you! As always, I’d love to hear your journeys! Do you have a tattoo? Do you regret any of it? How did it feel to you? Leave your comments down below!

4 thoughts on “My First Tattoo : Before and After

  1. Yass! The experience I had with my first tattoo was very amusing and exhilarating! I’m glad you love it!! Cheers to more!

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