Carnival Fit

Every summer here in Hawaii, the carnival comes to town. I’ve been blessed to go two times this summer and of course it calls for a mini photoshoot. Also I’ll give you some tips on how to properly dress for the carnival!

1. Wear Shoes

I advise people to wear shoes because on some rides you’ll be tossed and turned over and over this risking your shoes to fall off. You don’t want to be on a ride and known as the guy or gal that lost his shoes in the middle of a ride. It’s embarrassing and I’ve seen it happen before. Not only is it shame but it also might be hazard as it can hit someone when it falls. Also you don’t want to be walking barefoot going on and off the ride.

2. If you wear a jacket, opt for something light weight.

The carnival is a place where there’s ton of people. You also gain adrenaline when riding some rides which causes your body to work more thus creating heat. You don’t want to start sweating and be stuck with holding a heavy jacket on a ride.

3. Wear light makeup.

Chances are it’s dark anyways. And like I said previously, you don’t want to be sweating off your foundation when having a great time. Stay comfortable and worry free…you’re there to having a seamless and fun time!

4. Avoid wearing white clothing.

Most rides are dirty. Hundreds of people have probably sat on the ride you’re on leaving dirt and sweat all over the place. You don’t want to walk out with dirt marks and scuffs on your clothes.

I always wear shorts when I go to the carnival. It keeps me cool and more “loose” so I can get crazy on the rides. If it’s windy then I’ll opt for a light cover up or shirt to style my outfit up.

tt-shirt – Boy London

Shirt- Zara

Shorts- Rhythm

Bag- Gucci

Shirt – Lacoste

Remember to be a situational dresser! If you would like to read more about what exactly that is, you can read it here. The carnival followed by a night out definitely calls to be a situational dresser.

And as always, thank you for joining me! I’d love to hear what you like to wear when going to a carnival. It’s one the best places to go during the summer!

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