Carnival Fit

Every summer here in Hawaii, the carnival comes to town. I’ve been blessed to go two times this summer and of course it calls for a mini photoshoot. Also I’ll give you some tips on how to properly dress for the carnival! 1. Wear Shoes I advise people to wear shoes because on some rides […]

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My Style : How I Dress

Hello everyone! So over this past Mother’s Day Weekend, me and my friend decided to do a photo shoot to showcase my personal style. I feel like my style is fairly simple. I wear a lot of blacks, navy, and grays. And I like to throw in my pop of color through my handbags and […]

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Men And Purses. Who Cares?

Hello everyone! Happy Monday! Today I will be talking about men and purses/handbags. It’s been a hot topic for a while and my question to you is : Do you think men should be able to wear handbags without any judgement? Personally, I LOVE to wear handbags and I adore every piece that I own. […]

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