Pieces I Bought but Never Used

I’m sure we are all guilty of making purchases that we forced ourselves to like. Standing there, in the store, debating whether or not to spend your hard earned money on something that looks amazing at that moment. Sometimes it’s hard to distinguish what you like vs. what will actually workout in your wardrobe. You […]

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Why I Didn’t Go to College

With a lot of graduations going on right now, it reminded me of when I went to an actual college campus and took classes…for only a month that is. Growing up, I was fairly intelligent. I didn’t find school to be hard not too easy. I saw it as a tool. I got good grades, […]

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Aloha – From a Local Fashionisto

Aloha! Thanks for joining me! I find that there’s a lack of lifestyle bloggers here in my beautiful state of Hawaii. So I’ll go ahead and step in! I’d say my style consists of mostly simple and classic pieces. I take shape, size, and structure seriously as well. All while incorporating luxury and budget friendly […]

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